Articles | Volume 9, issue 2
Research article
02 Apr 2013
Research article |  | 02 Apr 2013

On the use of the Stokes number to explain frictional tidal dynamics and water column structure in shelf seas

A. J. Souza

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Numerical modelling of sediment transport in the Adriatic Sea
A. Guarnieri, A. J. Souza, N. Pinardi, and P. Traykovski
Ocean Sci. Discuss.,,, 2014
Revised manuscript not accepted
Intercomparison of the Charnock and COARE bulk wind stress formulations for coastal ocean modelling
J. M. Brown, L. O. Amoudry, F. M. Mercier, and A. J. Souza
Ocean Sci., 9, 721–729,,, 2013

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