Articles | Volume 9, issue 1
Ocean Sci., 9, 111–119, 2013
Ocean Sci., 9, 111–119, 2013

Research article 14 Feb 2013

Research article | 14 Feb 2013

The coherence of small island sea level with the wider ocean: a model study

Joanne Williams and Chris W. Hughes

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Radiational tides: their double-counting in storm surge forecasts and contribution to the Highest Astronomical Tide
Joanne Williams, Maialen Irazoqui Apecechea, Andrew Saulter, and Kevin J. Horsburgh
Ocean Sci., 14, 1057–1068,,, 2018
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Weighing the ocean with bottom-pressure sensors: robustness of the ocean mass annual cycle estimate
Joanne Williams, C. W. Hughes, M. E. Tamisiea, and S. D. P. Williams
Ocean Sci., 10, 701–718,,, 2014
Antarctic circumpolar transport and the southern mode: a model investigation of interannual to decadal timescales
C. W. Hughes, Joanne Williams, A. C. Coward, and B. A. de Cuevas
Ocean Sci., 10, 215–225,,, 2014

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Changes in extreme regional sea level under global warming
S.-E. Brunnabend, H. A. Dijkstra, M. A. Kliphuis, H. E. Bal, F. Seinstra, B. van Werkhoven, J. Maassen, and M. van Meersbergen
Ocean Sci., 13, 47–60,,, 2017
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The land-ice contribution to 21st-century dynamic sea level rise
T. Howard, J. Ridley, A. K. Pardaens, R. T. W. L. Hurkmans, A. J. Payne, R. H. Giesen, J. A. Lowe, J. L. Bamber, T. L. Edwards, and J. Oerlemans
Ocean Sci., 10, 485–500,,, 2014

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