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Research article
08 Feb 2011
Research article |  | 08 Feb 2011

Phytoplankton distribution and nitrogen dynamics in the southwest indian subtropical gyre and Southern Ocean waters

S. J. Thomalla, H. N. Waldron, M. I. Lucas, J. F. Read, I. J. Ansorge, and E. Pakhomov

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Depth range: Surface | Approach: In situ Observations | Geographical range: Deep Seas: Southern Ocean | Phenomena: Biological Processes
Dimethylsulfoniopropionate (DMSP) and dimethyl sulfide (DMS) cycling across contrasting biological hotspots of the New Zealand subtropical front
Martine Lizotte, Maurice Levasseur, Cliff S. Law, Carolyn F. Walker, Karl A. Safi, Andrew Marriner, and Ronald P. Kiene
Ocean Sci., 13, 961–982,,, 2017
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A geographical and seasonal comparison of nitrogen uptake by phytoplankton in the Southern Ocean
R. Philibert, H. Waldron, and D. Clark
Ocean Sci., 11, 251–267,,, 2015
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