Articles | Volume 6, issue 1
Ocean Sci., 6, 401–411, 2010
Ocean Sci., 6, 401–411, 2010

  22 Mar 2010

22 Mar 2010

Structure and forcing of the overflow at the Storfjorden sill and its connection to the Arctic coastal polynya in Storfjorden

F. Geyer et al.

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Depth range: Bottom Boundary Layer | Approach: Numerical Models | Geographical range: All Geographic Regions | Phenomena: Temperature, Salinity and Density Fields
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F. Miesner, A. Lechleiter, and C. Müller
Ocean Sci., 11, 559–571,,, 2015
Short summary
On the numerical resolution of the bottom layer in simulations of oceanic gravity currents
N. Laanaia, A. Wirth, J. M. Molines, B. Barnier, and J. Verron
Ocean Sci., 6, 563–572,,, 2010

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