Articles | Volume 5, issue 3
27 Jul 2009
 | 27 Jul 2009

Frequency- or amplitude-dependent effects of the Atlantic meridional overturning on the tropical Pacific Ocean

G. J. van Oldenborgh, L. A. te Raa, H. A. Dijkstra, and S. Y. Philip

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Depth range: All Depths | Approach: Numerical Models | Geographical range: All Geographic Regions | Phenomena: Temperature, Salinity and Density Fields
Technical note: Harmonising metocean model data via standard web services within small research groups
Richard P. Signell and Elena Camossi
Ocean Sci., 12, 633–645,,, 2016
Short summary
On the glacial and interglacial thermohaline circulation and the associated transports of heat and freshwater
M. Ballarotta, S. Falahat, L. Brodeau, and K. Döös
Ocean Sci., 10, 907–921,,, 2014
Mechanisms of Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation variability simulated by the NEMO model
V. N. Stepanov and K. Haines
Ocean Sci., 10, 645–656,,, 2014
Meridional transport of salt in the global ocean from an eddy-resolving model
A. M. Treguier, J. Deshayes, J. Le Sommer, C. Lique, G. Madec, T. Penduff, J.-M. Molines, B. Barnier, R. Bourdalle-Badie, and C. Talandier
Ocean Sci., 10, 243–255,,, 2014
A model for predicting changes in the electrical conductivity, practical salinity, and absolute salinity of seawater due to variations in relative chemical composition
R. Pawlowicz
Ocean Sci., 6, 361–378,,, 2010

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