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Research article
22 May 2023
Research article |  | 22 May 2023

Sudden, local temperature increase above the continental slope in the southern Weddell Sea, Antarctica

Elin Darelius, Vår Dundas, Markus Janout, and Sandra Tippenhauer

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Hydrography and circulation below Fimbulisen Ice Shelf, East Antarctica, from 12 years of moored observations
Julius Lauber, Tore Hattermann, Laura de Steur, Elin Darelius, and Agneta Fransson
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Hydrography, circulation, and response to atmospheric forcing in the vicinity of the central Getz Ice Shelf, Amundsen Sea, Antarctica
Vår Dundas, Elin Darelius, Kjersti Daae, Nadine Steiger, Yoshihiro Nakayama, and Tae-Wan Kim
Ocean Sci., 18, 1339–1359,,, 2022
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Atlantic water flow through the Faroese Channels
Bogi Hansen, Turið Poulsen, Karin Margretha Húsgarð Larsen, Hjálmar Hátún, Svein Østerhus, Elin Darelius, Barbara Berx, Detlef Quadfasel, and Kerstin Jochumsen
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Seasonal resonance of diurnal coastal trapped waves in the southern Weddell Sea, Antarctica
Stefanie Semper and Elin Darelius
Ocean Sci., 13, 77–93,,, 2017
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Volume transport and mixing of the Faroe Bank Channel overflow from one year of moored measurements
Jenny E. Ullgren, Elin Darelius, and Ilker Fer
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Antarctica's ice shelves are melting from below as ocean currents bring warm water into the ice shelf cavities. The melt rates of the large Filchner–Ronne Ice Shelf in the southern Weddell Sea are currently low, as the water in the cavity is cold. Here, we present data from a scientific cruise to the region in 2021 and show that the warmest water at the upper part of the continental slope is now about 0.1°C warmer than in previous observations, while the surface water is fresher than before.