Articles | Volume 17, issue 1
Ocean Sci., 17, 35–57, 2021
Ocean Sci., 17, 35–57, 2021

Research article 12 Jan 2021

Research article | 12 Jan 2021

The zone of influence: matching sea level variability from coastal altimetry and tide gauges for vertical land motion estimation

Julius Oelsmann et al.

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North SEAL: a new dataset of sea level changes in the North Sea from satellite altimetry
Denise Dettmering, Felix L. Müller, Julius Oelsmann, Marcello Passaro, Christian Schwatke, Marco Restano, Jérôme Benveniste, and Florian Seitz
Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 13, 3733–3753,,, 2021
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Vertical land motion (VLM) significantly contributes to relative sea level change. Here, we improve the accuracy and precision of VLM estimates, which are based on the difference of altimetry tide gauge observations. Advanced coastal altimetry and an improved coupling procedure of along-track altimetry data and high-frequency tide gauge observations are key factors for a greater comparability of altimetry and tide gauges in the coastal zone and thus for more reliable VLM estimates.