Articles | Volume 17, issue 1
Ocean Sci., 17, 301–318, 2021
Ocean Sci., 17, 301–318, 2021

Research article 17 Feb 2021

Research article | 17 Feb 2021

Diapycnal mixing across the photic zone of the NE Atlantic

Hans van Haren et al.

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Abyssal plain hills and internal wave turbulence
Hans van Haren
Biogeosciences, 15, 4387–4403,,, 2018
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Changes in ocean temperature may affect vertical density stratification, which may hamper turbulent exchange and thus nutrient availability for phytoplankton growth. To quantify varying physical conditions, we sampled the upper 500  m along 17 ± 5° W between [30, 63]°  N in summer. South to north, temperature decreased with stratification while turbulence and nutrient fluxes remained constant, likely due to internal waves breaking and little affected by the physical process of global warming.