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Research article
20 Aug 2021
Research article |  | 20 Aug 2021

Contribution of buoyancy fluxes to tropical Pacific sea level variability

Patrick Wagner, Markus Scheinert, and Claus W. Böning

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Decadal sea-level variability in the Australasian Mediterranean Sea
Patrick Wagner and Claus W. Böning
Ocean Sci., 17, 1473–1487,,, 2021
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Approach: Numerical Models | Properties and processes: Sea level | Depth range: Surface | Geographical range: All Geographic Regions | Challenges: Oceans and climate
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We analyse the importance of local heat and freshwater fluxes for sea level variability in the tropical Pacific on interannual to decadal timescales by using a global ocean model. Our results suggest that they amplify sea level variability in the eastern part of the basin and dampen it in the central and western part of the domain. We demonstrate that the oceanic response allows local sea level anomalies to propagate zonally which enables remote effects of local heat and freshwater fluxes.