Articles | Volume 16, issue 4
Ocean Sci., 16, 895–906, 2020
Ocean Sci., 16, 895–906, 2020

Research article 27 Jul 2020

Research article | 27 Jul 2020

Anomalous distribution of distinctive water masses over the Carlsberg Ridge in May 2012

Hailun He et al.

Data sets

Analysed foundation sea surface temperature over the global ocean: A merged multi-sensor L4 Foundation SST product (OSTIA) GHRSST project

HYCOM + NCODA Global 1/12° Reanalysis dataset HYCOM Project

Remote Sensing Systems Cross-Calibrated Multi-Platform (CCMP) 6-hourly ocean vector wind analysis product on 0.25 deg grid, Version 2.0 F. J. Wentz, J. Scott, R. Hoffman, M. Leidner, R. Atlas, and J. Ardizzone

Short summary
Ocean profiling observation in the Indian Ocean is not sufficient. We conducted a hydrographic survey on the Carlsberg Ridge, which is a mid-ocean ridge in the northwest Indian Ocean, to obtain snapshots of sectional temperature, salinity, and density fields by combining the ARGO data. The results show mesoscale eddies located along the specific ridge and the existence of a west-propagating planetary wave. The results provide references in the regional ocean circulation.