Articles | Volume 16, issue 1
Research article
28 Feb 2020
Research article |  | 28 Feb 2020

High-resolution physical–biogeochemical structure of a filament and an eddy of upwelled water off northwest Africa

Wilken-Jon von Appen, Volker H. Strass, Astrid Bracher, Hongyan Xi, Cora Hörstmann, Morten H. Iversen, and Anya M. Waite

Data sets

Physical oceanography during POLARSTERN cruise PS113 V. H. Strass

Continuous thermosalinograph oceanography along POLARSTERN cruise track PS113 (ANT-XXXIII/4) V. H. Strass and Rohardt G.

Raw data from Triaxus topAWI tows during POLARSTERN cruise PS113 W.-J. von Appen, V. H. Strass, H. Becker, A. Bracher, and S. Spahic

Raw data of continuous VM-ADCP (vessel-mounted Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler) profile during POLARSTERN cruise PS113 H. Witte

NOAA Physical Sciences Division, NOAA OI SST V2 High Resolution Dataset NOAA

Short summary
Nutrient-rich water is moved to the surface near continental margins. Then it forms rich but difficult to observe spatial structures of physical and biological/biogeochemical properties. Here we present a high resolution (2.5 km) section through such features obtained in May 2018 with a vehicle towed behind a ship. Considering that such interactions of physics and biology are common in the ocean, they likely strongly influence the productivity of such systems and their role in CO2 uptake.