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Research article
19 Feb 2020
Research article |  | 19 Feb 2020

Marine monitoring in Europe: is it adequate to address environmental threats and pressures?

Suzanne J. Painting, Kate A. Collingridge, Dominique Durand, Antoine Grémare, Veronique Créach, Christos Arvanitidis, and Guillaume Bernard

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Observing and modelling phytoplankton community structure in the North Sea
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High-resolution analysis of a North Sea phytoplankton community structure based on in situ flow cytometry observations and potential implication for remote sensing
M. Thyssen, S. Alvain, A. Lefèbvre, D. Dessailly, M. Rijkeboer, N. Guiselin, V. Creach, and L.-F. Artigas
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We carried out a literature review and an opinion poll of the JERICO-NEXT community to identify the main environmental threats in European coastal areas and gaps in monitoring. The need for improved monitoring was highlighted, e.g. through improved design and monitoring effort and better links with new technologies. The findings underpin the JERICO-NEXT science strategy to integrate linkages between physical, chemical, and biological parameters to address scientific and policy needs.