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Research article
13 Feb 2018
Research article |  | 13 Feb 2018

An analytical study of M2 tidal waves in the Taiwan Strait using an extended Taylor method

Di Wu, Guohong Fang, Xinmei Cui, and Fei Teng

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Study of the tidal dynamics of the Korea Strait using the extended Taylor method
Di Wu, Guohong Fang, Zexun Wei, and Xinmei Cui
Ocean Sci., 17, 579–591,,, 2021
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Taylor's problem is a classical tidal dynamic problem and in its previous applications all of the studied basins had a closed end. In this study, the Taylor's method is extended so that it can also provide an analytical model for the M2 tide in the Taiwan Strait (TS), which shows that the reflection of the southward wave at the abruptly deepened topography south of the TS is a major contribution to the formation of the northward propagating wave in the strait.