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Research article
26 Jul 2016
Research article |  | 26 Jul 2016

Aragonite saturation states and pH in western Norwegian fjords: seasonal cycles and controlling factors, 2005–2009

Abdirahman M. Omar, Ingunn Skjelvan, Svein Rune Erga, and Are Olsen

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Inorganic carbon and water masses in the Irminger Sea since 1991
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Links between surface productivity and deep ocean particle flux at the Porcupine Abyssal Plain sustained observatory
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We have determined, for the first time, the seasonal changes and controlling processes of ocean acidification parameters across western Norwegian fjords, based on data obtained mainly with sensors on board a commercial ship, MS Trans Carrier, in 2005–2009. The study fills an important gap in our knowledge on ocean acidification in western Norwegian fjords, which are important ecosystems: important recreation areas, marine pathways, spawning grounds for different fish species, etc.