Articles | Volume 12, issue 4
Technical note
06 Jul 2016
Technical note |  | 06 Jul 2016

Technical note: GODESS – a profiling mooring in the Gotland Basin

Ralf D. Prien and Detlef E. Schulz-Bull

Abstract. This note describes a profiling mooring with an interdisciplinary suite of sensors taking profiles between 180 and 30 m depth. It consists of an underwater winch, moored below 180 m depth, and a profiling instrumentation platform. In its described setup it can take about 200 profiles at pre-programmed times or intervals with one set of batteries. This allows for studies over an extended period of time (e.g. two daily profiles over a time of 3 months). The Gotland Deep Environmental Sampling Station (GODESS) in the Eastern Gotland Basin of the Baltic Sea is aimed at investigations of redoxcline dynamics. The described system can be readily adapted to other research foci by changing the profiling instrumentation platform and its payload.

Short summary
A profiling mooring with an interdisciplinary suite of sensors for water depths up to 300 m is described in this note. It can be programmed to take profiles through the water column at set times or intervals and with the standard set of batteries is able to profile about 34 km in total (e.g. 200 profiles of 170 m profiling each). The mooring was designed to observe the dynamics of the redoxcline in the Gotland Basin over periods of up to 3 months.