Articles | Volume 10, issue 3
Ocean Sci., 10, 523–546, 2014
Ocean Sci., 10, 523–546, 2014

Research article 23 Jun 2014

Research article | 23 Jun 2014

Assessment of the structure and variability of Weddell Sea water masses in distinct ocean reanalysis products

T. S. Dotto et al.

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A novel hydrographic gridded data set for the northern Antarctic Peninsula
Tiago S. Dotto, Mauricio M. Mata, Rodrigo Kerr, and Carlos A. E. Garcia
Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 13, 671–696,,, 2021
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Depth range: Deep Ocean | Approach: Data Assimilation | Geographical range: Deep Seas: Southern Ocean | Phenomena: Temperature, Salinity and Density Fields
Assessment of the representation of Antarctic Bottom Water properties in the ECCO2 reanalysis
M. Azaneu, R. Kerr, and M. M. Mata
Ocean Sci., 10, 923–946,,, 2014
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