Articles | Volume 8, issue 6
Research article
23 Nov 2012
Research article |  | 23 Nov 2012

Marine atmospheric boundary layer over some Southern Ocean fronts during the IPY BGH 2008 cruise

C. Messager, S. Speich, and E. Key

Abstract. A set of meteorological instruments was added to an oceanographic cruise crossing the Southern Ocean from Cape Town to 57°33' S during the summer of 2008. The Cape Cauldron, the Subtropical, Subantarctic, Polar and southern Antarctic Circumpolar current fronts were successively crossed. The recorded data permitted to derive the exchange of momentum, heat and water vapour at the ocean-atmosphere interface. A set of 38 radiosonde releases complemented the dataset. The marine atmospheric boundary layer characteristics and air-sea interaction when the ship crossed the fronts and eddies are discussed.

The specific role of the atmospheric synoptic systems advection on the air-sea interaction over these regions is highlighted.

Additionally, the Subantarctic front mesoscale variability induced an anticyclonic eddy considered as part of the Subantarctic front. The specific influence of this Agulhas ring on the aloft atmosphere is also presented.